A-Texian Compressor, Inc. primarily rents (1) natural gas  compression units, (2) saltwater disposal pumps (SWD) units and (3) refurbished engine/package units, as follows:

Rental Compression:  A-Texian's rental compressor fleet consists of over 30 fully unitized, skid mounted Units, all either new or recently totally refurbished to "like new" standards, ranging from 30 HP to 360 HP, as follows:

  • AJAX Compressor Units, all recently refurbished and skid-mounted, ranging from 30 HP to 360 HP.

  • Caterpillar/Ariel Compressor Units.

  • Electric Drive Compressor units ranging from 150 HP to 250 HP.

We can customize existing units to meet specific applications or arrange for new or larger units as necessary to meet contractual needs.

Rental SWD Pump Units:  A-Texian also rents unitized, refurbished, skid mounted saltwater pump  units, as follows:

  • National J-165 Triplex Units, 150 HP electric, and/or natural gas engine drive.

  • National 100 T-4 Triplex Unit(s) driven primarily by refurbished Waukesha F-817 natural gas engine(s).

Engine Rentals:  A-Texian also rents, refurbishes and sells rebuilt Waukesha F-817/1197 and Caterpillar (342) engine units.